The Shark Tank story, not even my Mom and Dad know of!

The Shark Tank story, not even my Mom and Dad know of!

(Part 1/2):

 Lots of buzz about, The Rohit Warrier and his way of conduct, post airing of Shark Tank. I am truly honored by the support from all quarters. I have been resisting talking about it for 8 months now. No one has ever known how I felt about it, not then & not now, but until now. Not even my closest of friends. So here are some insights into the hurricane in my mind. I will try to make it as interesting as possible with FACTS and no TRP 😉. Thus proving, original content is worthy of any TRP!

Pre Shoot: October 2021

I was 7th or 8th in line to pitch that day. Auditions were on since morning. It was my first-ever pitch. I have always been reluctant to give away equity unless the investor offers more value than just the money. However, Shark Tank was different. I’ve been fascinated since 2011 watching ST USA. Coming back, I knew my turn would come in the evening but it became late evening. By nature, I am someone who must execute fast, and waiting is JUST not my game. I am definitely someone who is better at extempore and the repeated rehearsals for three days was going to make me memorable.

 The Shoot: October 2021

To be fair to me, I wasn’t having a good past week to 10 days and unfortunately, it continued to the shoot day. My pitch was below par from the word GO. As soon as the first shark was OUT and what came after, I had already lost it in my mind and became defensive. Who would be able to think straight after the rant and the humiliation that followed? While answering questions, all that was going through my mind was, if my pitch airs, I am a dead chicken and this shouldn’t come out, or should it? Any publicity is good publicity, but fcuk me, humiliation and insults aren’t good publicity, how would I manage that, what about my family and what would they think, and so on and so forth. A thought did cross my mind at the sets during the pitch; is this the end of the road for Sippline? How could I fcuk up? Yes, I was shaken!

 I was distraught to the end of my life (but not end my life), literally brain dead. Not able to comprehend what just happened. More than anything or anyone, I was pissed at myself for screwing up such a big occasion and not delivering even 5% of my ability. After coming out, I sat on a chair next to the set, heads down. I couldn't look anyone in the eye, doesn't matter that people outside didn’t even know what happened inside. However, I knew, & that was enough for me to be ashamed of myself. I just couldn't raise my head the whole night. Not for the following week. I cried, with closed eyes in the bus dropping me back to the hotel accompanied by other Shark Tank fellow mates. All the while trying to hide it. Only I knew how I tried to appear normal with an active volcano in my mind. But a volcano of tears and not fire. Writing this, I am still not able to control my tears ☹. Which is why I never wanted to talk about it.

 Ashamed & disgusted, with the feeling of being humiliated, and ridiculed like never before, even in the wildest of my imaginations. Back in my hotel room, I wanted to hurt & punish myself. But first, I wanted to face myself & the past few hours. No sooner than I looked myself in the eye in the mirror, I broke down, broke down so bad, moaning with feelings of disgust and helplessness that I ended up having bruises on my fist. Well, the flow of tears that night continued till I fell asleep.

I drove back home the next day & a thought crossed my mind while cruising through the expressway. No matter what you have achieved in your life, no matter how self-made you are, no matter what pride (if) you hold, you could still be a piece of sh*t without a warning, and there was another break-down; not my car but myself. It was very difficult. The whole thing was.

I had texted my Mom the previous day that I didn’t get a deal. Just that. No one, I know of, can see their parents in tears because their child is disturbed. So, I crawled back home with a big lump in my throat, not able to spit it out or swallow. I really wanted to hug my Mom, scream, and let it all out but I chose otherwise and went into my room, shut the doors and ……....................

Later that evening, I told them just one thing; Pitch didn’t go well and I would strongly recommend, if it airs, "DO NOT WATCH IT". One needs a big heart to watch it and even if you do have one, you certainly may not be able to handle it because - It’s your son in the line of fire. And I went mum for a week after that. If it wasn’t for the upcoming golf tournament, that one week of gloom may have had an extended stay.

 Amongst the hundreds of thoughts jumbling inside my head, from the time I boarded the bus to the hotel, till the time I came back home, ONE thought was noticeably prominent and crystal clear out of those: "INKO TOH PROVE KARKE HI DIKHAONGA". I’ve always had the fire in me, but that night the Sharks just added fuel and made it go WILD! Thus started the journey to turn the heat around. 
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