Sippline drinking shields – The “Glass ka Mask”

Sippline, founded in 2020, with its novel & patented invention in oral drinking hygiene. Sippline Drinking Shield is an additional sterilized layer of protection to be fixed on the rims of a glass, which is sipped by thousands of people in hotels etc; thus avoiding a possible Cross-Contamination.

Most diseases today such as Covid 19, Swine Flu, Monkey pox & even STD’d has its traces to Cross-Contamination. Sippline Drinking Shield aims to protect the user from not just such fatal diseases but, also the mild ones such as common flu. Sippline drinking shield does the same job a face mask does, albeit differently.

Today, Sippline offers not just drinking shields but several innovative, creative, and out of the box products such as the Sippline Glacier, or Sippline Magic Tissue dispenser and is a brand which represents an Attitude of Entrepreneurship and never giving up on your beliefs and vision.