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Sippline Drinking Shield

Sippline Drinking Shield

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Hustler's Cult Price: 

  • Sippline pack of 3’s – Rs. 89
  • Sippline pack of 6 – Rs. 176
  • Sippline pack of 8 – Rs 230

    What's in the box:

    • 3/6/8 sets of below as per pack size.
    • 1 x Single Sterilized Sippline Drinking Shield; individually packed.
    • 1 x Carry Pouch for Sippline Drinking Shield.
    • 1 x Compressed Magic tissues.

    Product Description:

      • The drinking shield is simply an additional layer of protection from the most contaminated places of a glass/ cup i.e. Rims.
      • Glass rims often get contaminated by human touch after washing till it reaches the guest table while it makes their way from the washer to the pantry to bar counters to the side table to the guest table.
      • Glass rims are also prone to contamination while stored upside down in storage trays.
      • It is sterilized and free of bacteria, It avoids cross-contamination and enhances personal hygiene.
      • Untouched by human hands after sterilization, until you open.
      • Smooth finish to replicate the feel of glass/cup.
      • Multiple colors to choose from to differentiate yours within your family or friends
      • Flaunt your favorite color of personality/style.
      • Suitable for glasses with Thicknesses between 1.5mm to 3.5mm and Diameters 80mm to 83mm.
      • Suitable Glasses- Water Goblet, Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, VIVA 48, Pilaster, White Wine, Centro High Ball.
      • Ideated, Designed, Invented, and proudly Made in India.
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