About Sippline

Meet Sippline, the drinking shield, your BFF when it comes to oral hygiene.

We all like to enjoy beverages when out of our home. 

Stop and think how often have you asked for a glass to be changed or surreptitiously wiped the rim of the glass or cup before consuming your beverage?

The section of the glass or a cup that is exposed most to human touch is the rim. What if you could ensure that every time you enjoy a beverage when out of home, your lips touch a sterile surface without compromising on the enjoyment?

Well, now you can, with Sippline.


What makes SIPPLINE your BFF for oral Hygiene?

It is pocket friendly, both in size and price,

It comes in medical-grade sterilization. Check your pack to be sure. 

It’s easy to use and fits most glasses and cups.


Why Sippline?


What makes us tick?

Integrity a part of our very culture. It is not only about how we conduct business, but having a team with upstanding character traits, sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty makes it our culture. Excellence

Respect is all about treating people with appreciation & dignity

Innovation is creating an environment that encourages employees to think of ways we could do things that could make a positive difference in the company or for the society

Excellence is about consistent improvement on what we do well today with the aim to take it a notch up.


About the Founder:

Rohit Warrier
Serial Entrepreneur   

A serial entrepreneur and founder of Warrier Electronics; Co-founder of Warrier Sicura, Rohit Warrier is a passionate person driven to bring a positive change in every industry he touches. Having brought to light the importance of fire suppression for critical equipment with WEFIRE and Warrier Sicura, he has now turned his attention to oral hygiene.

His innate drive to innovate coupled with his hospitality background fired the idea of relooking at oral hygiene in a novel way that found expression in Sippline™ - a protective drinking shield between your lips and the rim of the glass. It ensures no matter where you drink & what you drink, your lips touch a sterile, clean surface. Designed for Glassware, Sippline™ is likely to change the way people enjoy a drink out of their homes.

Excellence, innovation, integrity and respect are the pillars that he leans on to run his business. Being a people’s person, he is a firm believer in the potential of his employees to deliver excellence time & again.  He often says “a company is as good as its people; our excellence is a reflection of their efforts”!

An IHM graduate, with a diploma in Fire Industrial & Safety engineering, and 12+years of experience under his belt, of which 10+years have gone into forming & leading organizations, Rohit is an avid reader and loves music. On the personal side, Rohit is a golfer and a passionate Sky Diver.